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GameDay 14 +

Program info


Preparation Builds confidence....

Confidence Breeds Success...

Success Makes Champions...

GameDay Sports Performance 14+ classes are held in a high intensity, no time for non-sense environment.

Each athlete goes through a comprehensive movement evaluation & performance assessment during their initial phase or at one of the GameDay Combines.

The Coaching staff then refines and remolds GameDay’s foundational program into a system that will attack your weakness and harness your strengths in order to tap into your hidden athletic potential.

Your class times are the official WARM UP start time. If and when you show up early, you will be given personal corrective stretches to be done during this time and at home or after practice.

The warm ups will be done as a whole group (8 athletes max). After your warm ups, your personalized program begins.

It has been said that the high school weight room is the most dangerous place on the planet. There are many reasons for this...egos leading to lifting contests, poor supervision, out dated training philosophies...etc.

For this very reason, GameDay Sports Performance only allows 8 athletes per group. This allows for a coach:athlete ratio of 1:4. Without proper supervision and motivation, high school athletes will cheat lifts and movements; overcompensating in this fashion along with cheating will do nothing but lead to injury and poor performance on Gameday.

Athletic Formula:

Good Athlete = Great Mover

In order to move great, one must be able to produce a large amount of force at varying speeds, with perfect angles; mix in animal-like body control and you have yourself a phenomenal athlete.

Does running around cones in different formations or being able to run and jump onto a stack of plates piled on top of a large box mean that you’re making yourself a better mover? Hence better athlete?? NO

GameDay’s program is based on the need for athletes to learn how to use their body to its full potential(how it was built to be used).

The mobility gained throughout each major joint complex gives you the ability to create more strength throughout a larger range of motion = the ability to produce more power and be less prone to injury.

Basic Training Philosophy

Middle Aged Athletes

Development of Training Knowledge

-Theory & Terminology

-Instilling a Healthy Lifestyle

- Expanded Character Development

Athletic Development

Intermediate Speed Dynamics

-Acceleration Skills

-Velocity Skills

Low-Level Plyometrics Training

Improvement of Range of Motion

-Dynamic Flexibility

- Static Flexibility

  1. --Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Flexibility

  2. -- Functional Strength Exercises

Strength Enhancement

    - Low-Level, Explosive Strength Lifts

    - Low-Level, Absolute Strength Lifts

    - Core Strength Exercises

  1. --Functional Strength Exercises

College Prep.

Character Development

    - Broadened Character Development

    - Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Athletic Development

    - Advanced Linear Acceleration Speed Dynamics

    - Advanced Linear Velocity Speed Dynamics

    - Advanced Lateral Speed Dynamics

    - Intermediate-Level Plyometric Training

    - Intermediate-Level, Sport-Specific Strength Training

    - Advanced Flexibility Training

    - Advanced Pre-Hab, Joint Stability and Mobility Training